Tehran’s Jurassic Park

February 28, 2019

Iran is an old land where you can follow traces of many creatures, from ordinary animals you can see in zoo to huge ones like dinosaurs.  One noticeable evidence may be the experience by some foreigners in the country. About 40 years ago, a team of French researchers unearthed the remains of a dinosaur around Kerman and took it home to their Natural History Museum in Paris.

Now legendary and mysterious like dragons, dinosaurs are the main part of American’s horrifying-themed films which never seem to draw international viewers.

Before opening up Tehran’s Jurassic Park, these extinct animals were only viewed in the movies or books. For the first time ever in the country, the Jurassic Park provides an exciting, delightful atmosphere for families and particularly for kids and teens who find it a whole new experience. Located in Behrood Square in Saadat Abad, in the west, it offers some comprehensive information on the scientific names of the dinosaurs, their living, habitats and exterminations.

With its dinosaurs in different real sizes and shapes, dinosaurs’ Park is a new exhibit with a new interesting subject. A great theme park in the metropolis, it displays moving disnature figures with background sounds and special effects.

They are designed so beautifully that you might think you are strolling peacefully in their territory. With blinking eyes and moving hands and legs, you might feel like they are damn alive. Of note is a massive dinosaur egg which showcases the process of hatching in slow motion.

Furthermore, educational workshops are held in the place and films are played to complete your amazing yet informative journey. Jurassic studio, alongside 3-dimensional movie can provide you with some interesting information.

With facilities like snack booths, and parking lot as well as Jura-coffee, it sounds a nice site to travel in time back to about 200 million years ago and learn about the population of huge animals once dominating the planet earth.

At a medium-rare price, you can pay a visit to a park reminding you of one important lesson: protecting the environment for the generations to come!

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