Sialan Mountain

August 10, 2019

Located on the borders between Mazandaran and Qazvin, soaring Sialan Mountain is a part of Alborz ranges. At an elevation of 4,175 m above sea level, it is waiting to be explored.

The awe-inspiring mountain extends to Alamut Valley in South, to Takht-e Soleiman heights in east, to Khoshchal Summit in west and to Dohezar river in north.

Unlike the south part, the north of the mountain is covered in verdant vegetation and offers lots of impressive landscapes to enjoy.  Sialan is ascended by fanatic mountaineers every year. No matter the season, you will enjoy your climbing experience, especially if you like daunting outdoor activities. No doubt climbing up the 4,175 -km mountain will be strenuous. So if you are quite sure that you are physically strong, go for it. Perseverance and hard work will pay for it: you will be able to conquer the mountaintop and be rewarded by the landscaped vistas.

The north part will be more difficult compared to the south as the trail is way longer, starting from Asal Mahalleh Village, at a height of 1,300 m. South journey begins in Haniz Village, 2,200 m. Either way, you can rest in stations for backpackers. Camping and nightly stopover are possible  in Goosfandsara, at 3,300 m, as well as in Gardaney-e Sialan, at 3,550 m.

On your way to the top, you will be fascinated by fresh springs and cool glacier-fed rivers.

In cold seasons the region is often snowy making it even harder to reach the peak. In spring, you will view the mountain at its best condition. Lush plants and beautiful flowers boost your energy levels to make it to the summit.

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