Shirband Cave

April 13, 2019

The 800-m-long cave is considered one of the most scenic caves in the country. The astonishing cave in Damghan, Semnan Province, it is a nice option for travelers and speleologists to visit.

The cave, formed due to millions of years of erosion and deposit, dates to 150 to 190 million years ago, according to the geologists. 

The cave’s mouth set on the rocky mountain, 50 m above river’s bed, is about 1 m in height. Therefore, visitors have to crawl in. Dragging yourself along, you will enter a fascinating world. Throughout the site, beautiful pointed crystal sticks hanging from the ceilings and calcareous columns in different sizes marvel cavemen and adventurers. Formed as a result of chemical interactions between water and calcium carbonate, gorgeous homogeneous patterned structures in white color exhibit an amazing scene. Magical pointed or floret shaped structures  have created an awesome landscape. They resemble delicate plaster work in magnificent royal palaces.

It‘s wet and humid inside and as you get closer to the the finishing point oxygen amount lowers ( but don‘t worry as it’s not so serious).

The ceilings, walls and floors are fully covered in limestone. The cave gets wider almost in the middle, where you can walk along more comfortably.

To reach there, you should first hit the road of Ab Bakhshan, after 10 km you will view the scenic farm of Shirband. Take the road on the east-hand side of the farmland onto Jazan Village. A newly-developed subsidiary road on the left will take you to the striking cave after 500 m towards north. Guided tours are also available. For a best experience, remember caving equipment.

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