Sahand Mountain

August 9, 2019

Sahand mountains , stretching in an east-west direction, is a popular destination in the East Azerbaijan. It extends to Qizil Üzan on the east and to the eastern coasts of Urmiya lake on west.  At 3,707 m , it is the highest in the province. Holding 2 adjacent peaks named Jaam and Sahand, the mountain is covered in snow all year round while the slopes are cladded in verdant flowers with vividly eye-catching colors. Inverted tulips grow wildly in the region.

This volcano resembles Sabalan and Alborz ranges; steep and sharp slopes, narrow valleys, and parallel heights. Interestingly, the dormant volcano stands above the Azerbaijan Plain.

The epic highland, whose former name was Asnavand, is stated in Avesta. It is said that Zarathustra has talked to waters goddess up there.

Sahand’s conservation area characterizes remarkable plants species; of156 identified species, 26 are endemic. It also features notable fauna; mammals such as rams, brown bears, leopards, wild cats, wolves, weasels, as well as diverse rodents. According to the most recent census in 2015, over 500 rams inhabit the mountainous region. Besides, the mountain is a great habitat for 185 species of indigenous and migratory birds; hawks, golden eagles, vultures, quails, fowls, falcons and partridges are more outstanding. So be prepared for amazing wildlife encounter.

Although there is no forest around, it is home to extensive pastures, 130,000 hectares, making it a convenient place for nomads.  Also abundant beehives are seen on meadows; stop to get some high-quality product from the honey keepers and spend hours with warm Azeri nomads.

Hiking and mount climbing are a main draw for backpackers and tourists. Along the way to the mountaintop, you will go through bountiful picturesque landscapes. So selfies in the middle of nature are quite popular. Atop the heights, you will experience a marvelous vista.

Above all, Sahand is famous for its ski resort. Exciting activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding are done especially in cold seasons.

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