Sadra Green Land Tourism Complex

September 11, 2018

The massive complex holds 38 residential units (with single, or double bedrooms) overlooking the magnificent north mountains of Sadra and the beautiful lake. The modern touristic compound lies in Shiraz, Iran’s ancient city.

Built by genius Iranian architects, it is inspired by bungalows in the spectacular village of Maooleh, known as Rasht’s Bride.

The astonishing tourism destination offers opportunities like bowling, body building, billiards, local and international restaurants, coffee shop, and free internet connections.

Stay with me to have a glance at some of the wonders and amazing things in the recreational resort.

If you appreciate sports a lot, this must be the right place for you; the sports club in an area of over 1 hectares stands next to Rose Hotel.

You will have opportunities for outdoor sports of interest along with swimming pools, sauna, water therapy and massaging divisions. Bodybuilding club is another place for those who care about their fitness even when they are on trips. Bike riders can enjoy their exciting experience on the three-km biking trail with marvelous views.

Of note is the fast food restaurants and coffee shops with beautiful views of the lush environment. Among the most amazing buildings in the world, the restaurants offer high-quality fast foods to visitors.

The major suspended restaurant of the compound with its eye-catching architecture stands in a height of 10 m. above an artificial lake. As soon as travelers hit the place, they are tremendously impressed by the beautiful structure over the lake. Imagine having your meals while enjoying the outstanding waterfalls, lake and fresh surrounding nature. So I promise an appetizing, mouthwatering meal awaits you there.

The impressively built tourist center presents many other interesting things to visitors like incredible discounts on food and sports. What you need to do is to book a ticket for your upcoming journey to this favorite tourists haunt.

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