Martian Mountains

August 8, 2019

Did you know that you can see some interesting elements of the mysterious Mars planet in Iran? It might sound bizarre but that’s true. So gear up for a joyful journey to the space, on a famed planet of Mars!

The road to Martian mountains  features picturesque landscapes. As the most marvelous road in the province, it will take you to a true dreamland. On one side you will see Martian mountains and on the other you will be fascinated by the beautiful red-hued sand stones and desert bushes along the coasts of Oman Sea.

Also named as Miniature mountains, they extend in Sistan and Baluchistan, southeast of the country. About 35 to 40 km from Chabahar, one of the most brilliant natural wonders  is waiting up for curious sightseers, who adore visiting awe-inspiring places.

The predominantly white and gray mountains change into incredibly eye-catching colors with day’s sunlight.

Up to 4 or 5 million years old and formed along Zagros Mountain, the old mountains stretch tens of kilometers towards the east.In some parts the height is only 5 m and in some it exceeds 100 m.

One of the most interesting things about the mountains is varying levels of resistance and roughness. So mount climbers should take this into account.

Another captivating thing is the fossils of fish, whales and seashells found here and there, indicating that the mountains were once deep under waters or possibly the tides of the sea have reached out those places.

The skies here are dotted with shimmery stars taking you to a fairy-tale world. Many tourists simply visit the place to enjoy the splendor of the night skies. Star watchers spend a memorable night in a Mars-like land. According to astronomers, you will be able to observe 14 constellations at the same time in the wide horizon.

Photography is a must do here. Record the marvelous scenery for ever; you might not have the chance to travel to Mars on your own!

Rock climbing, in case you are familiar with basics of climbing, will be fun too. Also exciting camel riding shouldn’t be missed!

There is a camping site, which well accommodates visitors.

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