Ghazian Bridge

May 17, 2019

The iconic landmark named Ghaziyan Bridge offers marvelous views of the sea and Anzali Wetland in one place. Located in Rasht, Gilan Province, it is extended over Anzali River and appeals to tourists. One of the advanced pathways of its type at the time, the mighty bridge _ made of iron and concrete _ contains 5 motionless arches and 1 is moving.

The historically-registered pass-way is 210 m long with a depth of 10 m and a height of 6.85 m.

A historic treasure trove, the bridge is a worthwhile attraction for solo and couple travelers.

Among few moving bridges throughout the country,  Ghaziyan, over 70 years old, boasts spectacular scenery of the surrounding environment; over the bridge you will enjoy watching the nature wonders, and view the sea birds flying around. The wetland’s reeds are also beautiful. You can see the colorful ships loading or unloading in the lively, bustling dock. Boats carry passengers across the river. Give it a try. It is much fun. Sit on the benches around  and look at the hustling harbor while tasting culinary delights of healthy Gilani dishes. Snack on a cup of fine tea and a piece of cookie (Gilan has plentiful tea fields. Hearty cookies are full of energy). There are outdoor restaurants and cafe’s around. The world-class Marino Café , Restaurant in the vicinity offers  high-quality kebabs and finely-cooked local dishes (prices are quite reasonable here).

You will come across beautiful scenes for photography either during the day or at night (dazzlingly-lit structure is so dreamy).

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