Gazou Waterfalls

September 13, 2018

Flowing in Mazandaran Province, north of the country, the admirable waterfalls are an unspoiled beauty in opaque forests of Lafoor, 15 km from Savadkooh.

Composed of 2 waterfalls, the first fall reaches a height of about 5 m. and the next is roughly 43 m. Resembling a snake winding through the forest, waterfalls are in the vicinity of a popular pilgrim site, worthy of a visit too.

A suited hub for rock climbers and mountaineers alike, the tourist attraction enjoys landscapes galore, making for a lively, memorable experience.

To reach the falls, you have 2 options ahead: one through Lafoor, behind the Alborz Dam. 23 km on a dirt road with abundant splendid scenery and you will have a close-up view of waterfalls.

Another way is through Jamshid Abad which joins Lafoor. Drive time is about 2.5 to 3 hours. Past the holy place you‘ll have to walk on a steep trail which takes you up to the falls. Enjoy your heart-pounding trekking in the heart of forests and marvelous views across the lush land. It’s a strenuous yet enjoyable 1.5 hours foot journey. You will hear the roaring waters uninterruptedly which makes you more excited to take longer and more dangerous steps to struggle to reach sooner.

And here the most enchanting part of your trip starts up: You can’t imagine what you see before your eyes. The showpiece of wet lands and splatters of water on your face and clothes might impulsively cause you to slip off and have a paddle. But this might be ok in late spring or summer otherwise you might end up in a cold, which I assume is part of the whole enjoyment after all!

You can’t leave the gorgeous falls through the sturdy grey rocks adorned with contrasting green plants and shrubs without clicking some photogenic scenes.

Breathe in and out in the nature and grasp all the pure oxygen in fresh air.

The natural wonder with the many camping sites and stress-free atmosphere beckons sightseers who not only appreciate pristine nature but they also seek tranquil tonic atmosphere and matchless prospect in clear weather.

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