Mount Damavand

May 9, 2018

In many religions and national or ethnic beliefs across the world, mountains are considered holy sites; that’s why mountains have found their way into literature and legends in many cultures. Iran’s iconic mountain, Damavand, has been mentioned in Persian poetry and myths, too. In mythological literature, it is famed for serving the location of imprisonment of Zahhak, a cruel king, along with his huge dragon. The contemporary poet, Maliko Shoara Bahar, has composed a beautiful poem on the strength, magnificence and glamor of the mount Damavand.

A genuine symbol of steadfastness and sustainability, Damavand is the highest mount in the country and the most remarkable volcano in the Middle East region. Erected in the north of the country, it is within the mid-Alborz range, south of the Caspian Sea, in Amol County, Mazandaran Province. Ranging from a height of 5,543 to 6,400, according to different sources, the mount is recognized the 12th highest peak across the globe. The high mountain was recorded as the first natural site of the country in 2008.

Visible in Tehran, when the sky is clear and sunny, the gorgeous mountain is blanketed in snow all year round. The minimum temperature in Damavand highlands is minus 60 degrees Celsius, in winter, and 1 or 2 degrees Celsius below zero, in summer. The annual precipitation reaches 1,400 mm and in the peak, there is snow.

The mount is rich in flora and fauna existence; bushes and grass, milkvetch, purple shrubs, Artemisia, pines, cloves, and many more. Lovely anemones are widespread across the mount. The post-card scene of the charming flowers is worth tens of photos. The mount is, too, a habitat for animals like foxes, jackals, goats, dogs, wolves, boars, rats and rabbits among the other mammals. Birds such as the golden eagles, partridges, quails, and bats live in the expanses of mountain. Reptiles such as snakes and lizards are plentiful. Also, scorpions are seen. The interesting thing is that the stings of the most dangerous reptiles are not serious; the poisons from them can be removed even after a couple of hours of the bite.

The mount, in addition, features many thermal springs spread out all over the place. The waters enriched in sulfur, bicarbonates and other minerals are a free treatment for skin diseases, as well as rheumatic and respiratory tracts ailments.

Professional mount climbers won’t resist their temptation to struggle in one of the most notable mountains throughout the world and spend challenging hours on the high mountain while enjoying the many spectacular views they come across during their excursion.

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