August 12, 2019

Standing south of Nesen Village and southwest of Kelak Bala Village, in Mazandaran Province,  Azadkuh boasts great opportunities for mount climbing and hiking. At 4,345 m, the rocky peak is the 4th tallest one  in the Central Alborz range, preceded by Damavand, Alamkuh, and Kholeno respectively. Initially climbed by Minasiyan brothers in 1950, the mountain’s  first winter ascent was carried out by Abbas Hosseini and his team in Kanoon-e Koohnavardan in 1966. A well-liked height in the north, it draws hikers and rock climbers with its hypnotizing panoramic view on top.

Unlike other summits, chained to others, lofty Azadkuh stands alone. The isolated mountain is in conical shape.

The best accessible trail to the summit is through Kelak Village. The north front is full of challenging cliffs. Azadkuh also features 2 sides in northwest and northeast atop which there are relics of old structures.

Climate wise,  it is similar to all mountainous areas. The wind often blows from the west. Hunting birds fly in blue crystal-clear skies, trying to resist the strong winds in the heights. The summit is heavily snowy during winter and fall and this condition lasts till almost late spring. As of late spring, the rivers flow off and feed the slopes. Wherever you look, you will be stunned by the rivers and lush vegetation. In addition, the wildlife is rich, bears, rams, and partridges are found (Among others).

Captivating photos can be taken in Varangarood, the longest trail to access the peak. Sunsets, too, are gorgeous for snapshots.

Best visit times are early summer as well as early fall. The ascent is not so tough then. Winter climbing is so arduous and dangerous. There is a possibility of avalanche on your way to the mountaintop. Ascending the mount in bitter cold winters needs climbing equipment and fine experiences. The fierce storms and heavy snow must be troublesome for ordinary travelers.

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