March 29, 2019

Astara, northwest of Gilan, is a top must-see attraction throughout the country. Wherever you look, you will be astonished by the immaculate beauties. Confined by the mighty mountains and lush forests,  it never fails to attract visitors. Neighbor of Azerbaijan Republic, the touristic place draws travelers from Iran and abroad.

It is said that it was a tough place to go through as the sands in the coastland would make it difficult for passengers and visitors to move. Perhaps that’s where the name Astara (Aheste Ro : go slow) comes from. So, you are recommended to take your time to discover the appeal and attractiveness here.

The coastal city presents numerous alluring landscapes. Here you have many places to see! A visit to the birds garden is a worthwhile thing. Gardaney-e Heyran, addressed in earlier articles, is an amazing journey in itself. A honey-moon spot, the sprawling trail is hit by many.Tourists often stop by to see the wondrous nature. Cameras should not be left behind otherwise you will regret. Many picturesque prospects and panoramic views await you. Bibi Yanlu Forest Park is another nice place which should n’t be missed either. Pay a visit to cactus land if you love this plant. Espinas Mountain, too, amazes viewers with its grandeur and foggy atmosphere. One extraordinary thing about Astara is its charming architecture; the idyllic pottery roofs of the finely-designed houses will astonish you.

Astara, in a rich land, offers souvenirs to interested travelers; from delectable cookies, medlar paste, Yemish ( sort of melon) and Dooshab (grapes syrup) to  fresh honey produced in mountains, you will have many choices for foodstuff. Exquisite handicrafts such as Gelim ( a flat-woven rug), Jajim (coarse and loosely-woven woolen cloth,) and mosaic tile works will be surprising gifts for your beloved ones.

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