Abask Spa

February 11, 2019

The hot spa located in Amol, northern province of Mazandaran, pulls interested visitors by virtue of its charming location and therapeutic features.

Annually visited by many tourists, the place is a favorite camping site for families and single travelers. The enchanting scene inside the village fascinates viewers.

Beautified by an exceptional geologic phenomenon, gradually formed as a result of mass calcareous layers, the waters contain various minerals, sulfur, carbonic acid and sodium bicarbonate.

Shooting 2 birds with 1 stone, tourists come here to enjoy the marvelous landscapes and paddle in healing waters. It is proved that the spa is an affordable treatment for skin diseases and old ulcers. Also, it is good for skin diseases, joints pains as well as digestive disorders. Atop the village, there is a ferrous spring, too, with curative features for anemic patients.

Enjoy an hour trek to reach the cave, 370 km in length, going through the heights around Haraz River. Spellbound by the glamour of the perspective, you will find many scenes for amazing photography.

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