Arasbaran Forests

September 13, 2018

The protected area of Arasbaran, with an area of 80,427 hectares, is housed on the southern edges of Aras River in a stretch of lands in Kaleibar and Varzaghan, East Azerbaijan Province. The extensive, unsurpassed forests feature diverse vegetation and animals.

As of 1972, dense broad forests were first announced as a forbidden area and then a conservation area and were finally preserved by the Management of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Globally important forests, recorded as a biosphere storage in UNESCO, present pristine atmosphere and picturesque scenery, well worth a visit.

The average precipitation of the district is reported at 450 to 600 mm; which undoubtedly accounts for unique herbal and animal diversifications.  Animals such as brown bears, pigs, deer, goats, rams, wild cats, gazelles, wolves, foxes, and birds like pheasants, eagles, hawks, partridges, and red-beaked crows are among the major creatures on the vast forests. The plants are also of note: oak trees, hazelnut and walnut trees, hornbeams and sumac bushes have covered parts of the profuse forests. As for aquatic life, you can witness various spices of fish, amphibians, and reptiles.

Today the national park of Arasbaran, almost in an expanse of 39,000 hectares, is open to tourists who love to have a different experience in the intact lands of Arasbaran, where gorgeous spots are repeatedly photographed. One of the most charming tourist attractions in the country, the abundant forests draw tourists’ attentions with their untouched beauty and allure. Here the nature generously shares what it has with sightseers and set them an enjoyable journey of no like. My recommendation is to pack up for a whole day in the summertime to take pleasure from the matchless fields and ranches.

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