Gisum Forest Park

February 13, 2019

The tourism magnet in Talesh, Gilan Province, north of Iran, clasps nature devotees. Gisum, where forests and sea meet, is an enchanting sight with almost no parallel in the country. Non-touristic destination is undoubtedly an extraordinary target for sightseers who hate crowds.

The paved asphalted route presents a peerless driving experience; going through a corridor encircled with lush trees in a car with windows down means a joyous trip which ends up in the beaches of the gorgeous Persian Sea. Driving through a tunnel lined with abundant trees, you will experience a sense of exhilaration and delight. A location for many Iranian films, the atmospheric scene, unimaginably, brings you lots of pleasure and thrill. A charming spot for photographers, Gisum is a worldly paradise.

At 80 hectares, the forests boast profuse trees and remarkable plant species from wooden to herbaceous, much similar to species in Anzali Wetlands. Fig trees are also of note here.

In the park facilities are available for travelers: from ample parking lot, kids’ playground, sports club, camping site, to hotels and villas, and hiking sidewalks they all make for a memorable journey. Box tree forest on east side along with flowers and plants museum will be a good cap off for your visit. With out-of-this-world landscapes in different seasons, it is a must-see place all year round.

Among things to do here are: strolling along the tranquil beach filled with smooth sand stones is a favorite thing for some tourists. Jet skiing is an exciting part for youngsters. Other water sports are also practiced here.  There is, furthermore, biking trails for fanatic bikers. Watching the herds of horses in daytime is a sight which shouldn’t be missed. And if none of the above works for you, you can just simply sit or lie down under the shades and watch the mild sea while taking it easy for a while.

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