September 4, 2019

Yazd is a must visit destination with all its twisting lanes, badgers forest,  mud-brick houses, and pleasant places to stay.  On a flat plain ringed by mountains, the city is packed together between the Northern Dasht-e Kavir and Southern Dasht-e Lut.  The city is desert in every inch. Thrilling travel option in Iran can be the visit to Iran’s central desert lands, Yazd.

Yazd exceeds the capacity to enchant

It may not be the very expansive sights of Esfahan or Shiraz, but, with its atmospheric alleyways and centuries of history, it exceeds both in its capacity to enchant. There is hardly any lazy approach in Yazd. The trailing around the jumble of significant lanes pop into the teahouses or pausing to work out calligraphic puzzles in the city’s exquisite tile work.

Yazd mixes many people

Settled in 5000 years ago, Yazd is an abode of mix of people,  10% of whom follow the earliest religion of Zoroastrianism. An elegant fire temple near the center of the city protect an everlasting flame and welcome the visitors.

The last center for Zoroastrians

As the place has got many religious buildings,  it served as a  capital and earned the title of Dār al-ibada or Home of Piety.  Some of the city’s inhabitants are Zoroastrians,  whose ancestors had fled toward Yazd,  and Kermān when the Muslim Arabs conquered Iran. Yazd is now the last center of Zoroastrianism in Iran.

The major center of silk weavering

Since Sāsānian times Yazd has been continued to be famous for beautiful silk textiles that were in rivalry between those of Kāshān and Eṣfahān. Being  a major center of silk weaving, it has many spinning and weaving mills. In addition, there are a plant for water purification and filtration mechanism, and substantial activities of mining and quarrying. The almonds, fruit, and some grains are also grown near the city.

Yazed depends on agriculture

The economy of Yazd  is dominated by the modernized agriculture structure that handle out the agricultural products. The chief crops grown in Yazed include cotton,wheat, barley,  oilseeds, fruits, indigo plants, and vegetables.

Review #2

If you got itchy feet, you will have many fun opportunities in 4-season Iran. There is always a destination to pop in from north to south and east to west.
An exciting travel option in Iran can be visits to Iran’s central desert lands, Yazd to be exact. For your journey to this beautiful city, you might have to arrange your time as it is not enjoyed enough a single day. There is a lot to do and see.
Among the most beautiful cities still preserving its mud-brick houses in the world, Yazd welcomes sightseers with many amazing attractions.
Besides, its virtually astonishing nature sounds so amazing for both local and foreign visitors that they can’t resist their extreme urge and desire. Deserts and dunes hills are ringed by Shirkuh heights adorned by green lush valleys and slopes; an undeniable manifestation of the city’s charms and attractions.
Named Badgirs city, Qanat city, bicycles city, sweets city, and fire and sun city, old Yazd characterizes wind catchers, a creative structure for cooling up houses in hot, dry regions. Qanats or underground aqueducts are also an old urban water supply system famed for their interesting functioning. In a desert-filled land, it is a great method to carry waters to distant areas in an economic, efficient way.
The city is best known for its monuments; Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Jameh Mosque, Alexander’s prison, Zoroastrian temple, Lariha Castle, Markar clock tower, Roknedin Mausoleum, and Qasr-e-Ayeneh Museum are top architectural attractions which shouldn’t be missed. Marvelous deserts in Yazd beckons sightseers with a different traveling taste. Dasht-e Kavi and Dasht-e Lut are among don’t-miss destinations.
It seems like that the city caters for a majority of tourists’ interest. And with my testimony it is absolutely true. Once in adorable Yazd, make sure to go see its gift shops where you can find many interesting, precious artistic items almost at low-prices. Yazd’s palatable sweets are offered in traditional confectionery stores.
The four-letter city has more than this to discuss. If you wish to have a new experience of no like, don’t ignore a visit.

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