Visadar Waterfall

September 13, 2018
Visadar Waterfall
Visadar Waterfall

Visardar, literally willow’s shade locally, is the third highest waterfall in Gilan Province, and one of the most charming in the country. 16 km from Pareh Sar District, in Rezvanshahr County, the dazzling gem amid the profuse forests is a bucket list option among a numerous choices you might have once in the north of the country.

The awe-inspiring waterfall, a popular attraction, offers a splendid perspective once you are down, looking up at the marvelous view through dense trees and plants.

About 20 meters into the fall, you will hear the pleasant sounds of waters, driving you to take longer steps to satisfy your eagerness. The birds chirping on tall trees and dazzling sunrays passing through thick branches and twigs and huge rocks and stones have well united to make you even more absorbed. Here you won’t notice how time is going by. Before you know it, you will reach the waterfall which presents stunning landscapes year-round.

The exceptional contrasting serenity and liveliness of the area make you to take out your camera spontaneously and shoot some photogenic scenes.

The 15-m high crystal-clear waterfall gushing from within dark-gray rocks displays an outstanding outlook: the circular, multi-layered walls round the waterfall, formed over many years, are amazing.

The waters beautifully fall from within the strata of rocks, right into a deep area, creating a natural pool where everyone is driven to take a dip.

There is a metal footbridge in a higher terrain where you get a spectacular landscape which is also worth clicking some photos.

Here you can view an array of cottages for accommodation. You can also get local exquisite artifacts and produces.

What’s more, you will find lots of off-the-beaten areas to enjoy camping.

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