Tourist Hotel of Oroomiyeh in Azarbayjan qarby

May 12, 2018

Tourist Hotel is one of the 4-star hotels in the city of Oroomiyeh, which is funded by Traveling and Tourism Investment Company. It is located in the most hospitable region of west of Iran with the distance of 40 kilometers from spectacular lake of Oroomiyeh. Tourism hotel with 74 rooms, enjoying trained and experienced staff and excellent services in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere is ready to entertain all guests. Among the tourist attractions close to the hotel, Naneh Maryam Church, Church of Mount Seir and historical monument of Se Gonbad can be named. Please note that the hotel does not accept any reservation cancellation or change of date during September.

Address : Tourism hotel of Oroomiyeh, Ayatollah Kashani Ave, Oroomiyeh Zip Code : 1415673768


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