Tochal Summit

September 13, 2018

Above the polluted capital city of Tehran, is nestled Tochal Mountain within the high mountains of Alborz. Oriented at east-west, Tochal is a getaway for Tehranis and packs of sightseers. The highest point within the city, it is 3,962 m high.

Tochal means a well or lake in Persian; as it rises alongside a glacier. As well as enjoying the pristine nature within robust mountains featuring cool springs, and delightful atmosphere, you can have fun in the recreational resort.

From the end of Velenjak, north of the capital, all the way through to gondola’s first station, there is a paved trail. You will experience a delightful promenade and have a panoramic view of the city as well. The picturesque scenery will be interesting enough to take a couple of hours to visit.

The trail is dotted with restaurants, teahouses, and sports grounds. If you are into sports, here you have many opportunities such as archery, skating, bungee jumping, playing tennis, and paintball, and body-building activities.

And finally you can wrap up your journey in gondola lifts running from Velenjak to the vicinity of the main ridge. One of the longest gondola lifts in the world, the total distance at four stations, is about 7,500 m. So you will have lots of fun atop the city and watch the beauties of gorgeous mountain and valleys underneath.

A well-furnished hotel accommodates tourists with its main hall facing the ski resort, along with sports facilities such as tennis court, and billiards.

With all it has to offer, Tochal is a magnet for both sports fanatics and sightseers, who seem to get bored on no account.

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