Things to do in Tehran

September 11, 2018
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Things to do in Tehran
Things to do in Tehran

For most people who visit Iran, Tehran is their first port of call, it is the capital and location of the primary international airport, making it the likely first stop for any visitor. Vibrant, beautiful and evocative, Tehran itself is a wonderful place, blending the historic with the modern in a way that few other cities can match, in fact there is so much to see and do, it is hard to know where to begin. However, there are some things that every trip to Tehran should include.

1.      The National Jewelry Treasure

Located in the heart of Tehran, on Ferdowsi Avenue and nestled among the foreign embassies, is the National Jewelry Museum, housing a huge collection of exquisite jewelry that tracks the history of the region’s history. From ornate clocks, beautiful mirrors through to magnificent crowns and jewelry, this is a museum that you can easily lose yourself in.

Highlights include the Empress Pahlavi’s Coronation Crown, featuring 36 emeralds, 105 pearls, 34 rubies, two spinels and 1,469 diamonds, it is a wondrous blend of color and pageantry.

2.      Mellat Park

Translated as ‘National Park’ in English, this beautiful area is one of the largest green spaces in Tehran, featuring a lake and, if you have small children, a wonderful playground area for them to enjoy. Aside from activities, it is also a great place to take a break sit on a park bench in the sun and catch your breath a minute.

The park is also popular with locals, and it is a great place to meet some of them. You will find Iranian people unfailingly friendly, and always eager to tell you their stories, you can pass hours here just enjoying great company.

3.      Milad Tower

Wherever you are in Tehran, it’s a structure that dominates the skyline. Known as Borj-e Milad locally, is the sixth tallest tower in the world, and the 24th tallest building. At a height of 435m to the top of the tower, it was completed in 2007 and really epitomizes Tehran’s magical mix of historic and modern, with a classical style and modern materials.

You can take a trip to the top, and for the adventurous, even have a meal in the revolving restaurant, giving you a panoramic view of the entire city as you eat. Whether you venture into the restaurant or stick to the observation deck, there is no finer way of seeing the beauty of Tehran for yourself.

Of course, from the bazaars to the palaces and museums, Tehran is full of things to see and do, but these highlights have been chosen to illustrate just how diverse a city it really is, combining historic artifacts with the ultra-modern, a place to see the entire vista of the incredible, busy city, and a place to take a step back and relax, enjoying the peace found right in the heart of all that activity.

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