Tehran’s Grand Bazaar: The Renowned Trading Heart of the Capital

September 13, 2018

Today I’m in Tehran, the metropolitan city and great capital of Iran, one of the major countries on the Asian continent and a strategic land in the Middle East.

I’m going to the busy center of commerce in the city to spend an hour or so in the Grand Bazaar, and check it out for myself as I have heard a lot about its vibrant atmosphere. At first glance, you might be discouraged by the crowds the Bazaar’s labyrinthine structure, but it will be a worthwhile journey and memorable experience.

Pay a short visit and you will fall in love with all it has to offer: from traditions and customs of the ancient commerce and trade site, to Persian culture, history and architecture, the bazaar impresses first-time and occasional visitors alike.

When you reach one of the streets leading to Tehran’s Bazaar, you will see a large crowd of different social classes walking there to do shopping personally or as a part of their retail business. You will see groups of retailers and wholesalers, and many stockrooms and manufacturing workshops.  Most factories have set up agencies here as their major commercial hub for distributing their domestic and foreign goods and commodities.

No doubt, in this unique shopping center you can get almost anything you might need! You just have to figure out how to find the right stores! It is really difficult to find your way around; so you’d be wise to go with a guide or at least stop to ask for directions. Friendly Tehranis won’t hesitate to help you out. You can not only do your own shopping but you can purchase souvenirs and gifts for friends and family members. What’s more, you can expect a good discount; hospitable Iranian salesmen welcome tourists with an unusual reduction in prices. So be prepared for some fun haggling.

Dried nuts and seeds
Grapes and raisins of Shahriyar are famed for their high quality, and in the bazaar you can get these excellent products. The favorite Iranian sweet, Sohan (traditional Persian saffron brittle toffee), and high-grade fresh and dried nuts are other products you can easily get in Chahar Sogh Lane.

Finest Women’s Clothing

If you want to buy first-rate women’s clothing, you should go over to Ja’efari Lane, a very crowded place but it is definitely worthwhile; there you can buy scarves, gloves, hats, dresses, sweaters, T-shirts, etc. Here you can get bargain prices for clothes compared to other stores throughout the city—even half the price offered in ordinary stores.

Gold Jewelry and Wrist Watches
To get superior jewelry and gold, you should go to the gold shops passage. On this lane, a variety of glittering gold jewelry items are offered. The advantage is that you can get the jewelry at a lower price since the manufacturers and goldsmiths are settled in the place and there are no brokers; in other words you can directly purchase your gold objects there.

Household Appliances
Many newly-wed couples head off to the bazaar to prepare their dowry. To look for your necessary household utensils, you should go to Hajeb al-Dawleh Section. No doubt, you will be surprised by the prices, very reasonable in comparison with the stores outside the bazaar.

Cosmetics and Foods
To purchase the latest cosmetic products and foods of a superior nature, head off to Koocheh Marvi, where women and girls visit most.

Grand Bazaar ‘s Restaurants

It is almost impossible to visit the grand bazaar and come out with an empty stomach! Many specialty restaurants never seem to be idle. Some, as old as 100 years, serve a repertoire of excellent, authentic, tasty Persian dishes. Tea houses and food courts as well as pizza places, too, are friendly and comfortable hubs for the sellers and customers alike to enjoy drinks and fast foods, and above all good service.

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