Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts

February 28, 2019

Housed in Keshavarz Boulevard, west of Park-e Laleh, in Tehran, the contemporary arts museum was built in 1977. Covering an area of 2000 square meters, the museum is a turning point in Iran’s modern arts and related fine arts events.

Amid a beautiful garden with invaluable statues by Iranian celebrated artists, the building inspired by traditional and philosophical concepts is perhaps a peerless site on Iran’s modern-day architecture.  It well combines Iran’s old and modern architectures in a brand-new style, influenced by wind catchers in Iran’s vast deserts.

The museum puts forwards a precious treasure of great works of fine arts by well-known leading western and Iranian artists and well displays evolutionary trends in modern-age arts.

Many arts exhibits are held in galleries of the museum and furthermore, 1 or 2 galleries display the great works of world-known artisans.

Amazing sculptures by contemporary artists such as Henry Moore, an English artist, Alberto Giacometti, a prominent Swiss sculptor, painter, and draftsman, as well as Parviz Tanavoli, an Iranian sculptor and art collector have beautified the garden.

The museum holds a collection of about 3,000 art works from old and contemporary legendary Iranian and world figures.  Astonishing works by much-loved artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, and René Magritte are on show. A marvelous set of artistic works by American and Britain photorealist painters besides abstract expressionists are exhibited, too. Also of note is Noriyuki Haraguchi’s amazing work, of oil and steel.

Mahmood Farshchiyan, a great miniaturist, donated a selection of his awesome works to the museum in 2008; a thing that was practiced afterwards with other artist followers.

The museum complex involves a library and coffee shop for soul and body refreshments.

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