Tarik Darreh

March 25, 2019

Skiing is an exciting sport; an aerobic exercise, it brings feelings of happiness and youthfulness to humans. It is believed that it is a nice sport to fight winter depression. Researchers believe that social activities and team exercises in open spaces will reduce anxiety and depression to a great extent. So it helps to enhance  mental potentials. Skiing is also recommended for strengthening your physical power; it empowers heart and muscles.

Traik Darreh an internationally-recognized ski resort has always been crowded by ski fans by virtue of its good location. Hamedan, West of Iran, features an awesome resort for ski lovers coming from different parts of the country and even the world.

Preceded by Dizin and Shemshak ski resorts, it is the third most equipped and expensive spot for skiing. The 4-km ski trail offers shelters, inns, ski school for beginners, dorm and restaurant.

One of the peaks of renowned Alvand Mountain, it is 3,314 m high. The name (Dark Valley) comes from the fact that the sunrise happens late and the sunset is early; so there is lots of shade dominating the whole area.

An international haunt for winter and summer skiing, it hosts ski competitions. Professional skiers will love their visit. Beginners have 2 options ahead: either to learn it or try other fun things . Snowboarding and sledding are quite popular here. Snow freaks will enjoy their journey to the snow-capped slopes.

Chair lifting is another great thing to do: if you are not afraid of height, you will enjoy the view of the mountain looking down. Whatever it is, from alpine skiing to ski lifting, your visit will be thrilling and invigorating.

In summer, visitors come here to try grass skiing in a lush green field. Hikers will also experience fun hours here walking through the splendid piece of land.

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