February 11, 2019

Mountains are a pure thrill for many sightseers, where they can experience exciting hours and enhance their physical strength, stamina and vigor. Apart from winter sports in the heart of mountains like popular skiing, once atop they usually offer great panoramas all year round, which is an absolute draw for tourists.

Taftan, in the southeast of the country, fills you up with a sense of excitement and delight. The high, beautiful mountain is a vital ecosystem. Rich, diverse plantations and wildlife are remarkable. The glaciers of the mountain supplies waters for farming. Encircled by 3 not-so-deep lakes, 2 freshwater lakes in the north and one larger salt lake, it also spotlights a number of valleys around filled with waters and streams which meet Mirjaveh River. Thanks to existence of water, the region features vegetarians like thyme, pennyroyal, tamarisk, santonica, chicory, mastic shrubs and rhubarb among others.  Animals such as foxes, wolves, jackals, and partridges are seen round here.

The highest mountain in Sistan and Baluchistan, with an elevation of 4,042 m, dates to the third and fourth geologic periods. Located in the geothermal district, it boasts many hot springs and mud domes and mineral springs in its vicinity.

The semi-active composite volcano has 3 craters where steams and sulfur are released. In the cavities, you can witness sulfur here and there. If combined with water, dangerous sulfuric acid is formed. So travelers should watch out and keep away.

It is a haunt for mountaineers and hikers alike, where they can go through a safe excursion as it is snow-covered only in wintertime. Nonetheless, cold winds might be overwhelming. With fully-equipped backpack and a team of professionals you can enjoy your climb up.

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