September 13, 2018

Tabriz, once the national capital, is the largest city in the northwest of Iran as well as being the center of the country’s Azeri community. It is a flourishing city whose appeal is enhanced by its long and fascinating history and its spectacular tourist sights. The sprawling metropolis, together with the areas on its periphery, is a popular destination for many.

As part of its rich cultural heritage, Tabriz boasts magnificent mosques, churches, and fortresses, while stunning landscapes are to be found in the surrounding countryside. The city’s unique character attracts both Iranian and non-Iranian travelers eager to explore its wealth of history and culture.

The face of the city has been transformed, over the past decade, by redesign, increased industrialization, and new urban developments. The tourist attractions of Tabriz lie both within and outside the city. Those inside the city include the historical UNESCO-listed Bazaar complex, with its many domed halls and inner courtyards: the park of El Goli (formerly Shah Goli); the impressive Constitution House (Mashrooteh Museum); and the Blue Mosque.

Visiting this vast city, rich in Azeri culture and famous for its carpets, teahouses (former Hammams), folklore music, and excellent transport links, is a perfect introduction to Tabriz. Perhaps the most notable traditional skills in Tabriz are carpet- and shoe-making, but the area is also renowned for its handicrafts and for its variety of unique and delicious specialty confectionery and dried nuts, delicacies that are appreciated not only in Iran but throughout the world.

Situated on a high plateau between Lake Orumiyeh and the towering Mt. Sahand, and bounded by strikingly colorful hills, Tabriz enjoys milder summers than cities elsewhere in Iran, although the cold in winter is severe. Tabriz is a historic city with an enviable cultural heritage characterized by architectural masterpieces and an unrivaled, rich Azeri culture. There has been no better time to visit Tabriz—named the 2018 Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries.

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