Sta Travel, Iran Travel Agency in Tanjania

May 15, 2018

Well…you have found us…the guys who make sure students and young travelers get the best deals on flights whenever they want to travel. Some know us as ‘Escape’ (because that’s what some like to do…), but most know us as the partner for STA Travel in Tanzania – the world’s largest travel company for students and young people.

One of the great things is that STA Travel has almost 400 branches spread through over 100 countries…so chances are, there is an STA Travel office very close to where you are sitting right now!

A few good reasons STA Travel is the best way to travel:

  • When you book your ticket with us, you can qualify for special discounts on your flight which you cannot get elsewhere. Especially if you are a student, a youth, a teacher or a professor.
  • We can hook you up with budget friendly super cheap hostel and hotel accommodation throughout the world. Pay us a visit and you can walk out with your hotel voucher in hand. Click here to explore hotel ideas.
  • We have great travel insurance policies on offer, with even lower premiums for students. And before you ask, you bet, they are recognized by all Embassies in Tanzania!
  • We are the only authorized office in Tanzania to issue the UNESCO approved ISIC – International Student Identity Card. Pick yours up for just $10 and enjoy a year of great discounts not only in Tanzania, but throughout the world.
  • We also have great ideas and programs for field trips, educational trips and all types of experiential travel with student friendly budgets.

We know you want to speak to people who understand you, and not just a bunch of uniforms. And that’s us!

Address:  Opp. Shrijee Supermarket Mtendeni Street, Kisutu (Posta). P.O. Box 20350, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255 758 82 83 84 / 85




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