Spinal Surgery in Iran

August 31, 2018
Spinal Surgery in Iran
Spinal Surgery in Iran
Spinal Surgery in Iran Spinal Surgery in Iran

Freedom from pain

Now a day, scope of spinal surgery in Iran is very good thanks to the great medical facilities and most experienced spine surgeons in Iranian spine surgery hospitals. Spinal surgery becomes inevitable if the back pain starts affecting daily life of the patient or the medication and physiotherapy becomes ineffective. The treatment provided to different spine disorders depends on status of the back bone, severity of the pain, level of disorder and patient’s overall health and age. Various spinal surgical procedures are available in Iranian hospitals.

Spinal surgery in Iran

The clinical care provided by the staff of these hospitals is very good and the medical infrastructure is also very good. Thus many abroad patients are getting attracted to India for their treatment at low cost.


Artificial disc surgery in Iran

It is known as the DDD or degenerative disc disease. In this disease, the patient experiences ruptures, tears and lesions to the discs sitting between the vertebrae of the lower spinal region. It causes severe pain and discomfort for the patient. These discs provide cushion to the vertebrae present below and above them but when they don’t function properly, the vertebral plates may be inclined to rub against each other. Friction causes inflammation and swelling of the surrounding muscles and tissues resulting in severe pain. Iranian hospitals offer discs of the hydraulic, composite, elastic, and mechanical variety to deal this health issue. An incision is made to access the ribs and the affected discs are replaced with the artificial discs. The type of discs depends upon the condition of the patient.

Cost of artificial disc surgery in Iran

The cost of artificial disc surgery is quite low in Iran around $11,000 while in the USA and Europe; it ranges from $47,500 to $35,000.

Disc degeneration repair surgery in Iran

In this disease, the patient’s intervertebral discs of the lower spine suffer from wear and tear. As a result, they are not able to provide a cushion to the lower vertebrae situated above and below them. It results in discomfort to severe pain depending upon the intensity of the health issue. It also acts as a catalyst for other various spine issues such as sciatica, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, retrolisthesis and osteoarthritis. Iranian surgeons completely replace the affected discs with the artificial discs. Four types of discs are used in Iran: composite, hydraulic, mechanical and elastic. Selection of the type of the disc depends upon the condition of the patient.

Cost of disc degeneration repair surgery in Iran

It will cost you between $2000 to $3000 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $15,000 to$40,000.

Endoscopic discetomy surgery in Iran

Patients suffering from vertebral discs rupture or herniated disc issues require this surgery. Only about 10 percent of herniated disc sufferers actually undergo surgery and many of these people are referred for a procedure known as an endoscopic discectomy. By making a small incision, the surgeon uses an endoscopic probe which is inserted and guided between the herniated disc and the vertebrae. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon removes the defects of the damaged disc and corrects the position of the discs. No stitches are required to close the incision, only a bandage is used to stop the nominal bleeding.

Cost of endoscopic discetomy surgery in Iran

In Europe and the USA, the cost of endoscopic discetomy surgery ranges from $15,000 to $50,000. But in Iran, you pay less than half of these rates like $3500 to $4500.

Herniated disc surgery in Iran

It is also known as a slipped disc health issue. In this medical problem, one of the discs located between the spinal vertebrae ruptures or splits. As a result, a gel like substance, known as the nucleus pulposus, starts leaking. The leakage of this substance cause the reduced discs effectiveness as a cushion for the vertebrae located above and below it. Iranian hospitals offer effective medical treatment to both the local and international patients requiring spinal surgery.

Cost of herniated disc surgery in Iran

You expect to pay $20000-$50000 for herniated disc surgery in the USA and Europe while in Iran; it ranges from $3000 to $7500.

Spinal Fusion Surgery in Iran

This surgical procedure is also known as spondylosyndesis. It is caused by the abnormal movement of the vertebrae. As a result, the patient suffers severe pain and discomfort. The procedure attempts to address this movement by fusing together the affected vertebraic bones. It is performed by two ways: anterior interbody fusion and posterolateral fusion. In both procedures, bone grafts are usually obtained from the hip of the patient. In the event that suitable bone is unavailable, allografts (bone obtained from a suitable donor) are used.

Cost of spinal Fusion Surgery in Iran

The cost of spinal Fusion Surgery in Iran ranges from $8000 to $11000 while in USA and Europe; it is $65,000to $78,000.

Price comparison chart:

Spinal surgery


(Price in USD)


(Price in USD)


(Price in USD)

Artificial disc surgery




Disc degeneration repair surgery




Endoscopic discetomy surgery




Herniated disc surgery




Spinal Fusion




Cervical Disc Replacement




Orthopedic Surgery




Thoracoplasty for Scoliosis Surgery





Why choose Iran for spinal surgery

First of all, medical tourism in Iran offers very good facilities to international patients for the spinal surgery. Surgeons in Iran have extensive experience and knowledge to deal with the complex and complicated spinal medical issues. They perform the operation with the aid of latest technology and high-end quality equipments. Besides, post-operative care in Iran is very impressive and you can also enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing touring sites in Iran.

Dr.Guive Sharifi

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Tala Building, Tavanir Sq, Abbaspur St, Valiasr St، Tavanir Square, Iran

Phone: +98 21 8866 4963

Mohammad Re. Etemadifar MD

Address: sofeh street isfahan, , 81744 – Iran

Phone: +989133272238

Hassan Ghandhari MD

 Address: Shafa Hospital.Tehran.Iran Tehran, , 21 – Iran

Phone: +989121493926

Ali asghar Kamali MD

Address: 405 Felestine Ave, 1st Fl. Tehran, Tehran, 14167 – Iran

Phone: +982188895391

Majid Zohrabi MD

Address: Enghelab_E Eslami , Qods Street, Number 3 Tehran, Tehran, 1417813175 – Iran

Phone: +98-936-1212-030 / 021 66960927

Payman Vahedi MD

Address: Jamalzadeh St, Keshavarz Blvd, Kosar Medical Building #8 Tehran, Tehran, 1418765771 – Iran

Phone: +982166942620

Mohammad Re. Etemadifar MD

Address: sofeh street isfahan, , 81744 – Iran

Phone: 00989133272238

Final words

The clinical care provided by Iranian hospitals is very good and the medical infrastructure is also very good. This availability of world class services makes Iran an ideal destination for abroad patients seeking low cost spine surgery.


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