Sibouye Tomb

September 11, 2018

Abu Bashar Amru Bin Osman Bin Ghanbar, the Iranian scholar better known as Sibouye, was born in Beiyza, Ardakan in 760 AD. He left his hometown of Hamedan for Basra and was taught by Khalil Bin Ahmed. He then moved on to Baghdad to study further. He died in Shiraz and was buried in a neighborhood known as Sang-e Siyah, north of Kazeroon Gate.

The great philosopher and professor contributed a lot to consolidate the Arabic language; his prominent work, Alketab, is regarded a reliable source on Arabic syntax and grammar.

Sibouye’s memorial structure built in 1353, solar calendar, includes a corridor on the north, 8 m. long and 5 m. wide. It is embellished by mosaic tiles, constructed by hardworking, dedicated Khorasani workers. The ceiling of the building is also in mosaic. The tombstone in the center holds a black stone, 190 cm long, and 70 cm wide, and the height of 35 cm. His name along with his hometown has been inscribed on the stone. The edifice contains a platform which leads to a courtyard through two flights of stairs. There is an enchanting garden on its east side making it a refreshing, vibrant resort for tourists and sightseers.

Located near Sasan Hotel, Sibouye’s tomb is a popular tourist destination for national and international visitors. The great hotel provides necessary services for a nice stay during a journey. And therefore you can comfortably walk to and back from the historic tourist attraction.

Therefore Bon voyage everybody!

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