May 11, 2019

Sialan, a mighty mountain in the borders between two provinces of Mazandaran and Ghazvin, offers a delightful experience to nature explorers. At 4,175 m above sea level, the awe-inspiring mountains attract tourists and mountaineers from around the country and world. Rugged rocks with interesting shapes, flower-filled meadows, snow tunnels ( especially in cold seasons), and tree-dotted fields are all parts of the splendor of Sialan.

Part of the well-known Alborz Mountain ranges, the heights are covered in forests. The wildlife is rich here too. So you might be lucky to have an encounter with some cool animals.

Conquered by some ambitious mount climbers,  it is also a place to visit for ordinary travelers as there are spectacular landscapes all over. Tourists come here to enjoy a day in a tent whose door opens to striking nature.

Adventurous climbers will see gorgeous scenery on their way to the top. However, they would like to go beyond and experience their victory atop the mountain overlooking lush green fields. The strenuous activity is well worth the amazing view around. Clouds come with you everywhere. Over the peak, it seems like the sky above you is covered in white cotton candies. They are so close you might follow them to have a grasp! The climbing trails are awesome: it makes you want to stop on and off to adore the surrounding nature. So cameras are must here.

Esel Mahalleh Village is a nice stop over with its eye-catching and impressive outlooks. The friendly villagers receive everyone with affection and exceptional hospitality.

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