Shamsol Emareh

August 16, 2019

The 5-storey structure of Shamsol Emareh is an epic work of art in Qajar era. At the order of Naser Aldin Shah, the 4th Qajar king, the chateau was constructed after one of his trips to Europe. The Iranian king, who traveled a lot to European countries, was fascinated by the western skyscrapers and tall buildings. The beautiful construction took 2 years to complete.

The symmetrical facade is impressive. 2 towers on left and right-hand sides offer a great view of the surrounding area. 

Slightly influenced by western architecture, the mansion designed by Moeer Almamalik and constructed by the renowned architect of the time Master Ali Muhammad Kashi highlights splendid decorative arts: impressive mirrorwork, lattice work, and plasterwork on the walls and ceilings of the royal building are outstanding. Of note are the dazzling colored windows of the inside rooms. 

The clock placed on the thin tower between the 2 towers is said to be the first imported clock in Iran. The prior gateway on the west of the Golestan Palace lies near the city’s  Arg wall. 

The protruding iwan on the first floor is remarkable. The rooms on either side are decorated in exquisite mirror work. This floor functioned as a place for holding formal meetings. 

Shah Neshin, overlooking the yard, is a large iwan with a great view of the garden, where there used to be a pond. 

Upper floors were for temporary relaxation in refreshing afternoons. 

The top floor holds a rough wooden awnings and boasts amazing painting, and gridwork. 

Arguably the first building to apply metals,  the stately home holds cast iron columns on top floors. 

Photography is allowed so visitors can save great pictures of the majestic building.

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