Sefīd-Rūd River

August 2, 2019

Second longest river in Iran, 765 km,  north of the country, Sefīd-Rūd starts in Chehel Cheshmeh in Kurdistan and pours into the Caspian Sea after a long wind.

A dam was built on the abundant river in 1962, which is exactly where 2 rivers of Shahrud and Qizil Üzan meet. It helps to collect water for agricultural purposes and electricity generation.

The river features natural, historical and cultural attractions on its extensive path. The region combines charming beauties of nature and history. Of them one can name Sefidrud Dam Lake, Tarik Dam Lake, Amarlu forests, and Dolfak Mountain with hiking and climbing opportunities for sightseers and adventure seekers.

Travelers are immersed in the imposing landscapes apart from the river itself. Great villages, rice patches, wildlife and plantation are striking. You will see yourself in the middle of gorgeous meadows of lilac flowers. Along the river plentiful olive trees are seen. Mineral wasters and spas are also noteworthy. The region holds captivating views for photography. The river is home to 45 species of water animals, especially sturgeon and bony species found south of the Caspian Sea.

Ancient historic landmarks like Tappe Marlik, and the clay Loashan Bridge are among attractions to stop by and have a look at the history. In different villages you will be welcomed by people of different cultural backgrounds. Nomads’ life with their interesting clothing and exquisite handicrafts is remarkable.

Among fun things to try is boating and white water rafting. Water sports lovers will have cool opportunities to enjoy. The best part for boat riding begins almost 500 m after the dam and is quite fascinating for riders and surfers.

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