May 25, 2019

Backpack for a pleasant journey in the lush green north of Iran and head off to an amazing dam lake. Saqalaksar is a genuine tourist spot for wonder-seeking sightseers. The azure-hued lake, about 600 m long and 500 m wide, is a shining gem for the tourists. 15 km south of Rasht, the lake lies in a village with the same name.  

Finely named as one of the cleanest, the lake amid the post-card view countryside is a top attraction along the north. Everywhere you go, you will be amazed at great views, you can hardly ever find elsewhere.

Here you can enjoy your trip through different fun options: hiking is a cool activity  to explore the nature and fall in love with the generous Mother Nature. You will come across herds of domestic animals on lush fields while strolling around.

Boat riding is another fun thing to do here; apart from ordinary boats, there are white goose-shaped vessels to carry passengers and tourists. You will unquestionably delight in your safe water travels. The fantastic landscapes around catches everybody’s imagination. Pedal across waters and adore the beauties.

The surrounding area offers camping sites for travelers interested in having picnics beside the banks. Nothing is better than having delicious barbecued meals near a calm lake.

Photography lovers won‘t find it hard to record astonishing scenes. Turning their heads, they will view delightful scenery; as far as eyes could see, there are bountiful landscapes. The images of trees and clear skies are beautifully reflected on waters. The red cottage amid blue waters is a theme for lots of shots.

Locals will warmly receive you in their small homes or villas and let you spend a peaceful night in the nature. The lake owes its peace to the untouched nature.

The lake offers unique beauties from spring to winter.

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