Sa’dabad Complex

September 11, 2018

The enchanting Sa’adabad complex, in an area of 110 hectares, stands on a refreshing and vibrant piece of land at the foothills of popular Tochal Mountain and the lively valley of Darband and receives many enthusiast sightseers. Lying on a high hill, it outstandingly offers picturesque scenery.

Situated on the north of the capital city, the complex was a summer resort for kings of Qajar dynasty. As of 1299, solar calendar, it was expanded into the surrounding neighborhoods and served as a favorite summer hot spot for Reza Shah of Pahlavi. Over the years the compound gradually was developed into a series of amazing buildings and mansions; the number of which reached 18.

After the great Islamic revolution, each palace was transformed to a museum; among them is the largest building which holds numerous precious objects, works of art, and exquisite carpets. Another one is the magnificent museum of fine arts, which used to be the court’s edifice from 1346 to 1357, solar calendar. The museum lies on the far south of Sa’adabad.

Green Museum, which was resided by Reza Shah, is undoubtedly one of the most impressive palaces across the country, featuring handsome Persian architecture, mirror work, plaster and other attractive ornamentations.

Military and Anthropology Museums, also, are other notable parts of the setting. The military museum showcases cold and warm weapons used in battles of Iran’s military history. The other exposes to view the old ways of Iran’s ethnic groups and their traditions and customs.

Still other museums in the setting exhibit elegant works of art by great Iranian artists like Behzad, Abkar, and Mir Emad.

You are recommended to pay a visit there, especially in Nowruz and springtime, to enjoy all the amazing things it has to offer. Along with a rich history, Sa’adabad Complex presents scenic nature, boasting dense soaring plane trees. Stroll around to breathe in fresh clear air and explore some of the wonders of the historic tract. And remember to take some wonderful photos as well.

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