Pottery Museum of Tabriz

September 13, 2018

An interesting tourist attraction for art lovers, especially pottery fans, the building of the Qajar era  opened to the public in 2006. The precious museum presents pottery works by Masters Ahmad and Abbas Ghabchi and Ms. Farideh Tathirnia.

The beautifully-made pottery objects show the skill and proficiency of their creators. The clay for the artfully-created products come from the mines of white soil, kaolin, in Zonooz, Marand. On the slopes of Agh Dagh Mountain, the town of Zonooz is regarded the major clay supplier for artistic pottery works.

More than 70 years ago, Ghabchi family traveled to Tabriz city and went over to pottery in their workshop in Darb-e Sorkhab neighborhood.

The two-storey structure, like many other buildings of the city, highlights impressive and genuine Persian architectural features. The balcony standing on two pillars features splendid plaster works.

The building was purchased by the Cultural Heritage Organization of East Azerbaijan Province a couple of years ago and after some restoration, it turned into a center for training art lovers, especially pottery enthusiasts. As of 1996, the exhibit was open to the public.

The museum showcases some great works and also holds classes for art lovers to learn how to make things out of almost nothing. In the museum, you will see young groups working together to build exquisite pottery.

The museum preserves a message from the people of long ago and gives us some lessons about how this art has survived over the years. We truly appreciate our ancestors, who made such beautiful arts and developed them in the region.

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