Pir Taghi Bridge

January 26, 2019

The amazing Pir Taghi Bridge with a breathtaking view stretches on top of a deep valley. The suspension bridge offers an unimaginably gorgeous view to tourists.

Walking through it, you will view one of the most spectacular scenery in Ardabil, northwest of Iran.

Constructed by professional engineers and workers, the bridge allows you to travel from one side to another while taking pleasure in the landscape.

Built with wire ropes and lumbers,  it might sound a daunting activity to some but the outlook atop is well worth the risk (60 m underneath flows a roaring river).

With a length of 70 m and a width of only 1 m, it sounds a good choice for adventurous travelers. If you are afraid of the heights, perhaps it is not interesting at all. So you can settle for a wonderful hike instead  around and enjoy what the nature has to offer.

A fabulous place for hours of rock and mount climbing, the attraction will amaze visitors; some would like to stop by and watch the astonishing scene for a couple of hours. Photography lovers will adore the extraordinary glamour of the site.

Mineral spas are part of the journey. The cool waters are so refreshing.

Recommended things here are having  picnics around, trying zip-line over the flowing river, camping, sailing, paddling, and fishing.

For the venturesome trip, you might need comfortable shoes, raincoat, first-aid kit, light meals and bottles of water.

The hotels in the nearby Hashtchin accommodate visitors at reasonable prices.

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