Pir-e Ghar

May 9, 2018

A well-liked tourist destination in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari Province, Pir-e Ghar is famed for its gorgeous nature, abundant plantations, waterfalls and gardens. But what comes first in the touristic region is its inscription from the constitution era.

The exemplary tourist attraction in the province, it in fact brings together unique history and nature in the same site, so it is recommended to both history and nature enthusiasts to go and see 2 aspects of Iran’s multifaceted-treasure in only one spot.

Visitors and sightseers should travel to Farsan, 70 km from Shahr-e Kord, and onto Deh Cheshmeh Village and be directed to the destination by signs installed on their path. The asphalted road makes it a comfortable trip plus you can easily leave your car in its parking lot. The resort involves restaurant, touristic garden, and stores. The picturesque site has many covered tables for rest and is greatly lit at night. The seasonal waterfall in the vicinity, which feeds the fields throughout the village, offers a scenic landscape you shouldn’t miss.  It is reachable by a light climb up.

The inscription, on rocks at a foothill of Zagros mountain range, has been engraved at the command of Sardar As’ad Bakhtiyari. Depicting a summary of the momentous constitution event and how it was influenced and encouraged by Bakhtiyari commanders and national champions, it is a gemstone in the province.

The national heritage site receives hundreds of tourists especially in spring and summer when it is mild and pleasant.

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