Park-e Shoghab

May 12, 2018

Perched in the southwest of the Port of Bushehr, revived in 1736 by Nader Shah Afshar for economic purposes like fishing, shipbuilding and export, Shoghab Park offers beautiful landscapes on the Persian Gulf coast.

The park is popular throughout the year and especially on holidays, thanks to its amenities for visitors. With ample campsites and a vibrant, bright ambience, it’s among the best in the province’s tourist attractions. Other coastal parks are alternatives you can try in case you don’t like packed areas. Park-e Ghavvam, Park-e Sadaf, Park-e Marjan, and Park-e Daneshjoo, spread along the coasts, are all worth visiting.

In addition to camping opportunities, there are options for trekking, shopping, and barbecuing. Apart from covered tables, you can use air-conditioned container expresses at reasonable prices. A parking lot is also available for those who drive their own cars and there is a mosque, furthermore.

The park boasts a centerpiece harmonic fountain and 2 others on either side. At night, the flood-lit atmosphere of the park is a draw for families with kids.

Things to try here include walking along the shore, boating, swimming or paddling, or just simply sitting on the rocks and watching the often tranquil waters while appreciating the lively ambience of the park. Kids love to play with sand and enjoy sandbox games. Building sand castles can be relaxing fun for adults as well.

The historic park, where relics from the Elamite era are buried, lies on Bahmani Street, Saheli Street, across from Niruy-e Havai Hospital.

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