Pediatric surgery in Iran

August 31, 2018
Pediatric surgery in Iran
Pediatric surgery in Iran

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Pediatric is a branch of medicine is only meant for the a specified age group which might start approximately when a baby is born till the completion of the adolescence stage, based on their psychological and physiological concepts. One of the toughest situation, parents might go through when they hear the news that their child must undergo a surgical procedure. Unfortunately, there are countless medical pediatric conditions that may require surgery along with the fact that pediatrics is an extremely delicate medical field, as children’s bodies are different from adults and surgeons have a whole other set of considerations when operating on a child. The escalating medical costs in western countries are not affordable for many parents so they look for pediatric medical tourism. Countries like Iran are gaining popularity in offering best pediatric facilities.

Iran pediatric treatment and surgery

The Iranian hospitals are committed to providing surgical care, ranging from minor to life threatening pediatric health problems. Iranian surgeons concentrate on evidence based thorough healthcare for all children and newborns requiring emergency or elective surgery. Minimal invasive surgery that includes thoracoscopic, laparoscopic, endoscopic procedures such as esophagoscopy, bronchoscopy, and image guided procedures is the hallmark of the Iranian health care centers and hospitals.

Appendectomy in Iran

It is a medical condition in which the appendix gets inflamed and it results in severe pain. In such a situation, the appendix may be removed. In Iranian hospitals, it is removed through either a traditional surgical method or a minimally invasive surgery via laparoscopy.

Cost of appendectomy in Iran

It will cost you about $250 in Iran. In USA and Europe, it will cost you somewhere from $33,000 to $70,000.

Various children cancer treatments in Iran

Children often suffer from pancreas, liver, kidneys, abdomen etc cancer and the pediatric surgeon needs to deal with them. The Iranian pediatric surgeon may remove a cancerous tumor prior to chemotherapy or radiation or operate to implant a portocath.

Cost of various children cancer treatments in Iran

It will cost you between $7,000 to $35,000 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $3, 50,000 to$1,000,000.

Gallbladder surgery in Iran

The gallbladder in children may be affected by virus or other infections. If the medication doesn’t bring the positive results, the pediatric surgeon may remove the gallbladder through minimum invasive method or traditional operation technique.

Cost of gallbladder surgery in Iran

The cost of gallbladder surgery in USA is about $10,000. Its cost in Europe is about $9,000. In Iran, gallbladder surgery will cost you only $1,000.

Gastroschisis surgery in Iran

It is health problem in which the baby has a hole in her belly. The baby’s intestine or stomach protrudes out of the hole. In such a situation, expecting moms are closely monitored during pregnancy. Soon after the birth of the baby, the stomach or intestine is fixed back into the belly and the hole is stitched. Iranian hospitals offer top quality treatments for such newborns.

Cost of gastroschisis surgery in Iran

It will cost you between $1,000 to $5,000 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $, 100,000 to $125,000.

Hernia surgery in Iran

If a newborn is born with a hole in the groin that does not close on its own, the surgeon may need to perform a surgical procedure in order to prevent the intestines from falling through this opening. Many renowned doctors perform these procedures with highest rate of success.

Cost of hernia surgery in Iran

The cost of hernia surgery in USA is about $5,000. Its cost in Europe is about $2,000. In Iran, hernia surgery will cost you from $250 to $350.

Imperforate anus surgery in Iran

Iranian hospitals offer surgery for the children who are born without an opening in the anus. In some cases, the opening is in the wrong place. Through a surgical treatment, the surgeon corrects this defect. Iranian clinics offer extensive services for imperforate anus surgery to both the local and international patients.

Cost of imperforate anus surgery in Iran

It will cost you between $200 to $300 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $, 3,000 to $5,000.

Spleen surgery in Iran

If a child suffers from traumatic injury or from certain disorders of the blood, he may require a splenectomy. A splenectomy is the surgical removal of the spleen. Iranian surgeons are known to perform this procedure with highest level of precision and accuracy.

Cost of spleen surgery in Iran

It will cost you between $500 to $1000 in Iran while in the USA or Europe; you’ll have to pay from $, 7,000 to $10,000.

Price comparison list

Pediatric Treatment

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Various children cancer treatments




Gallbladder surgery




Gastroschisis surgery




Hernia surgery




Imperforate anus surgery




Spleen surgery




Why choose Iran for pediatric surgery

Unlike the other traditional hospitals, Iranian health care centers look after you no matter how complex or acute your condition. Iran has intensive care units in almost all the hospitals to deal with the most complex and complicated medical conditions of patients. In addition to that, cost is an important factor. The increasing health costs in USA and UK are getting out of reach of patients. So in such a condition, Iran is the perfect medical tourism destination.

Iranian famous pediatric treatment hospitals and doctors:

Dr. Shafiee

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 1, Lavasani St, Iran

Phone: +98 21 2282 9825

Dr.Bahram Malakooti

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, unit 10, 4th floor,No 9, 8th St, St, Motahari Ave، Mir Emad Street، Iran

Phone: +98 21 8850 1036

Dr. Vahid Baradaran

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 6, No. 12, Qaem Maqam-e-Farahani, Iran

Phone: +98 21 8882 2448

Dr. Naser Mostafavi

Address: Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran

Phone: +98 31 3268 7413

Dr Ali Rashidian

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 3

Phone: +98 21 2258 9892

Dr. Majid Rasti Ardakani

Address: Isfahan Province, Isfahan

Phone: +98 31 3628 1585


Dr. Tahereh Masoom

Address: Tehran, Tehran Province

Phone: +98 21 2278 5762


Final thought

Choosing the right health centre and medical facilities for your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. If you’re looking for low cost yet effective health care and surgical facilities for your child then you must pay a visit to Iran.

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