Pearl Palace

August 16, 2019

Pearl Palace, a historic landmark in Mehr Shahr, Alborz Province, dates from the Pahlavi era. A getaway for Shams Pahlavi, suffering from Asthma, the beautiful mansion is also known as Kakh-e Shams (Shams Palace). 

The premises, 111 hectares, boast the mansion, 2,500 square meters, which was Shams go-to resort from 1966 to 1968. She hosted home and foreign guests there as well. 

Designed by the renowned American architect, William Wesley Peters, the son-in-law of the great Frank Lloyd Wright, and his Iranian student, Mr. Ameri, it was built inspired by Myliobatidae shape, pearls and shells.

The impressive royal residence highlights eye-catching design, amazing architecture and coloring. The main building, resembling Myliobatidae, contains a pool encompassing 3 sides, which sounds like the wings of the fish. The ceilings are snail-shaped; they catch the light to brighten inside the building. 

The building holds Shams’s office, movie theater, billiards court, pool, rare birds nestle, and beautiful bedrooms. Another highlight is a pearl room with striking decoration, featuring remarkable architecture. Among the most attractive modern buildings of the era, the palace’s design is fully westernized ( with no elements of Iranian architectural style whatsoever). 

27 hectares of the fascinating complex including the ornately-built palace itself were given over to the Culture and Tourism Heritage Organization and open to the public in 2015. Interesting cultural and art events are held in the place during the week to amuse the visitors. History buffs will indeed enjoy their visit to the royal place and their look around.

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