Parhami Traditional House in Fars

May 10, 2018

My descendent have lived here since two hundred years ago in five different houses. After the several years I spent in tourism as a tour guide, I asked myself why don’t I open up a tourist residency/hotel/hostel in my ancestral neighborhood, since such places had already existed in Kashan, Yazd and Esfahan. The renovation of this house and the alleys leading to it, took us roughly five years. Up until now, as the first phase, we have got six rooms running. homemade dishes, tea, sherbet and coffee shop services is also provided. Alongside the residency we offer special tours such as nature and nomad. Recently, after spending three years in this field, We’ve bought another house which is to be opened in the near future.

Address: Fars Province, Shiraz, District 8, No. 10, 36.4 Ave, opposite side of “Nasir almolk mosque”، St. Shiraz, Iran، Iran

Phone: +98 71 3223 2015

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