Ordibehesht Hotel in Gilan

May 11, 2018

Ordibehesht Hotel Isfahan, Traditional hotel is different from other hotels. Its historical environment makes a pleasant accommodation for guests. Ordibehesht Hotel with eighty years old has been refurbished in traditional style. It is open to all Iranian and foreign guests. This hotel offers three stars hotel services. It has all the modern equipments and it is placed near Zayanderoud which is the main beauty in Isfahan. The hotel is located in the west of the center and there is easy access to urban facilities for guests. Outdoor restaurant is ready to serve variety of traditional and foreign foods for you. Enjoy variety of beverages including herbal brew served in the coffee shop. Our hotel rooms with wall-mount and beautiful traditional instruments are so beautiful and fantastic.

Address: Rasht, Gilan Province, Iran

Phone: +98 13 3322 9210

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