May 24, 2019

The north parts of Iran, home to many beautiful landscapes of dense forests and lakes or rivers and much more, always have something to present. Gilan appeals to tourists with its unique potentials of marvelous greenery, cool weather and rich local delicacy.

Located 25 km south of Masal and roughly 1,800 m above sea level, the lovely village atop the Talesh heights awaits sightseers. Visited by many tourists from Iran and abroad, the touristic attraction is a haven for hikers, trekkers, and mere sightseers. The wooden cottages in delightful atmosphere cast their spell on the visitors.The indigenous people have interestingly preserved their old traditions and you will see simplistic wooden cottages as opposed to luxury hotels. The usually-covered region in dense fogs is a cool option for honeymooners and newly-weds. The world-class hotels and villas offer spectacular views of the lush green countryside; it will be etched in their memories for years to come. The tranquil village is extraordinary, apart from pleasing tweets of birds and animals sounds you wont hear a thing.

The sunset is a must-see scene; a spellbinding view of the sun waning below the horizons is worth some shots.

The route towards the village is tucked in intertwined trees and branches; it feels like you are stepping into the dreamland. Time does n’t mean a thing here; you are soaked up in the peace and beauties. The wildlife here is amazing. Your encounter with animals will strengthen up your ties with the nature.

Exciting activities involve horse-back riding and bike riding. At low prices you will be able to explore the high land. Guided excursion on foot are also fun.

Remember to please your taste buds with Gilaki culinary and palatable local dishes.

Best times are from mid-May through late summer when you can adore the dreamy wonderland at its top beauty. However, fall, too, offers unmatched beauties with its lively colors.

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