Nader Shah Tomb

August 20, 2019

The tomb of Nader Shah is housed in Mashhad, Khorasan-e Razavi. Among the top destinations in Mashhad, it is often visited by both history-lover tourists and usual travelers. 

The building lies in a beautiful garden, 14,400 square meters. The whole building is to a great extent inspired by nomads tents. The burial site has 12 steps, standing on a platform. There is a cannon held in an adjacent glass container. 

The finely-built statue of the glorious king is awe-inspiring; it portrays the victorious monarch sitting on a horse with an axe on his hand along with 3 of his followers. The famous sculptor, master Abolhassan Sedighi, has created the admirable statues. 

Designed in 1959 by the skilled Iranian artist, Hushang Sihun, the building was constructed with finances from Mashhad’s pilgrims. Launched in 1963, the garden, holding 2 museum halls, is open to the public. The neighboring halls showcase some great historic items: one exhibits the weapons of Iranians in the history along with  Afshari weaponry, swords and dagger of the king, some precious manuscripts, saddles and stirrups, harness from the same dynasty, as well as some praiseworthy paintings depicting the king’s epic combats. The second, attached in 1994, displays coins, dishes, and royal gifts from the Safavid to contemporary eras. 

Another must-see here is the tomb of colonel Muhammad Taghi Khan Pesyan, a dignified combatant in Qajar era, standing north of the garden. It is also created by the artist Abulhassan Sedighi. He was the first Iranian to pass aviation course successfully. 

The museum, organised by Khorasan’s Cultural Heritage Organization, underwent some reconstruction late 2007. It was open to the public again after a 6-month pause. 

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