Mohtasham Garden

September 13, 2018

The oldest park in Rasht, in the north of the country, is home to the ornately-built mansion amidst the parkland.

The garden’s area exceeds 140,000 square meters featuring thousands of trees and paved pathways. What amazes you when you step into the garden is the orderly and organized distance between trees and finely developed pavements through the garden.

Built at the time of Mohammad Khan Akabar Sardar Mohtasham, the governor of Gilan and proprietor of the property, in 1909, the Qajar-style mansion boasts a pleasant atmosphere.

From far, the manor might sound a three-storey building but it is in fact a four-storey structure. The ground and first floors are encircled by 18 wooden pillars. They each have 2 rooms technically built to ventilate and catch sun rays.

The multi-sided house looks beautiful not only from out but when you are in. With its windows overlooking the peaceful garden land and pools hosting many birds and dazzling yet unsophisticated architecture, the edifice is worth a visit. No one could ever believe that plain bricks, wood, and plaster can come together to create such an impressive construction.

A stately residence for Rasht governors, it was frequently restored while preserving the beauty of whole structure. In 1996, the mansion was taken over by the cultural heritage department of Gilan province and changed its function into a museum of traditional arts.

The encompassing garden features kids’ playgrounds, library, sports track, fine benches, well-equipped grounds for public exercises and fountains.

A get-away-from-it-all option, the popular tourist attraction is a site for relaxation and respite. You will enjoy your ramble through the profuse tall trees and adore the views of the historic mansion.

For more information on Park-e Shahr, where the mansion is nestled, please follow my upcoming post.

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