Ab Sefid Waterfall

September 13, 2018

Wonders of nature are always attractive to countless tourists; from a five-year-old kid to the elder of 90, everybody feels invigorated, spirited and lively when in nature. And interestingly, this is utterly true for people of different nationalities as human beings feel innately part of nature. Few are bored by natural scenery; most value their time in exhilarating natural settings, enjoying themselves.

Some nature lovers carry a camera the whole time to take some charming photos when they come across lakes, waterfall, woodlands, meadows, fields, mountains, rocks, streams, and just everything they view unexpectedly on their way.

Waterfalls are consistently on must-see lists for both professional travelers and amateur tourists: the impressive view of waters streaming down the rocks is so pleasing that no one would ever want to miss it.

So Lorestan, famous for its extraordinary waterfalls, opens itself up to many nature enthusiasts from Iran and abroad. Flowing on the western slopes of Oshtorankooh mountain range, towards the east of the province, the awe-inspiring Ab Sefid Waterfall astonishes viewers. Winding through the heart of a huge rock, the water plunges from a height of 70 meters. With its nearby grassland and woods, Lorestan showcases one of the most picturesque scenes particularly in abundant seasons. Its fresh water, rich in minerals, is among the finest in the country.

In hot seasons, innumerable families pack picnics for a couple of delightful hours in the heart of nature. It might be crowded in peak seasons but is still worthwhile and enjoyable. Families like to settle for a few hours and paddle in cool waters; this is what children love the most, and you will find it difficult to convince them to leave.

Snack booths and camping sites provide visitors with refreshments and space for an extended stay.

Ab Sefid’s splendid district will soon be further developed; covered tables, a fishing platform, chairlift, ski resort, suites, horse riding tracks, a zoo, playground, and restaurants are on the agenda for promoting the lovely land. So who knows? Maybe by the time you pay a visit, you can enjoy all the opportunities it is going to offer in the future.

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