Laton Waterfall

September 13, 2018

The highest waterfall in Gilan Province, Laton, roughly 105 in height, lies 15 km south of Astara County, Lavandevil District.

It originates at the eastern slopes of Spinas Mountain and pours into the 17-m -long Lavandevil River and eventually rushes into the Caspian Sea.

The waterfall within the profuse forests, filled with fruit trees such as plums, pears, hazelnuts, walnuts and apples, offers pretty landscapes worthy of lots of photos.

To go there, you should first travel to Koteh Komeh village in Lavandevil District. From there, you will have a fairly long trek ahead, 6 km. It will take about 4 hours to reach the waterfall. You are strongly recommended to have a company of a guide or you might get lost in the forest.

You will enjoy your walk through green hills and adore the pretty nature around you. Walking on the bank of Lavandevil River is also enjoyable. Laton can be seen on your horizon at a distance of 500 m. The sound of abundant fall is so pleasing that you can wait no more. It is a picturesque landscape with the background mountain. In the vicinity, too, there is another waterfall, 65 in height, which offers perfect views. Nearby the permanent waterfall, you can see cafes and rental rooms for accommodating sightseers.

Backpacking and camping are the things you can enjoy, apart from walking. The best time to go is spring and summer; you will be impressed by pleasant weather beside verdant green trees.

There is one note left: the lush forests are habitats for animals like horses, hedgehogs, boars, wolves and bears; the lands also contain dangerous cliffs so watch out! It is again stressed to explore the lands by a guide to have a safe journey.

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