Ab-e Garm Village

May 9, 2018

The village of Ab-e Garm, in Larijan Rural District, Mazandaran, with its hot spring is a much-loved site for many visitors, especially those who would rather a different journey in a short time.

The village, in fact, owes its popularity to its hot spring except for its cool weather in hot seasons. The water temperature ranges from 65 to 70 degrees Celsius. The spring’s crystal-clear water has unpleasing taste and smell due to minerals existence; they mainly include sulfur and magnesium bicarbonate which are good for skin diseases, scars, rheumatisms, and respiratory tracts ailments as well as nervous system disorders.

Crammed with bathhouses with waters from the hot spring, the main part of village goes through a long narrow street lined with many shops and grocery stores to provide tourists with edibles. The appetizing smells of kebabs and smokes from grilling livers are spread out in peak hours. The village boasts Shah Abbasi Bathhouse form the Safavid era.

2 hours’ drive from Tehran will be enough time to get you there. And the roads to the village are amazing with the mountains and hills scenes and green bushes.

78 to 80 km from Haraz Road, you will see the detour sign. The best clue to avoid getting lost is the famous Salari Restaurant. The road straightly goes from nearby the restaurant.

The winding narrow road makes it difficult to hit at night. So arrange your time to return before sunset to escape from the dark, crowded road and have a safe journey while enjoying the views in daylight.

The suites here contain bathrooms with waters from the spring. If you are pressed for time, renting a suite from 10 am to about 6 pm would be nice.

If you like to stay there at night, try the local breakfast in the mid-morning and an enjoyable stroll around the village, you are recommended to do it over the weekend. Whatever your choice is, I am sure you will come back home with a pleasant experience and full of energy and vigor!

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