Lajim Tower

May 12, 2019

A precious landmark in Savadkooh, a county in Mazandaran, the Lajim Tower, also mistakenly known as Imamzade Abdollah pilgrim site is a fascinating destination for history devotees. Dating back to AD 1022, it reflects on Tabaristan’s history.

André Godard , the accredited French archaeologist and western orientologist, went over to Lajim to visit the tower in 1933  and do some research on its inscriptions.

The historic monument contains a plain, delicate dome. The memorial building of a Tabaristani king features both Kufic and Pahlavi inscriptions in one piece of architecture. The building is adorned in impressive Kufic script, one of the best examples of its type. The brick building engrossingly puts together ornately chiseled inscriptions right below the dome.The entrance door stands on the east. The cylinder-shaped structure characterizes the arts value in old Iran. Travel back in time to the second dynasty of Bavandi when all regions in Mazandran were ruled by Al-e Ziyar. After restorations in 2003, it was open to the public.

The building, above  is circled by lush green village filled with gardens, farms and wheat and rice patches. So be sure to pay a visit an explore the land.

In the heart of the dense forests and soaring  Alborz mountains lies the village with its special architecture. Houses are finely built here. The typical mud-brick walls, stone-paved floors, typical roofs, and mazy rooms spark a sense of nostalgia among travelers. Sample tasty foods like Kateh Khoreshti, Ash-e Doogh, and Ash-e Torsh to adore authentic Mazandarani culinary.

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