Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province

February 28, 2019

Although not so famed, unlike well-known provinces like East Azerbaijan, Fars, and Isfahan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province offers nice experiences amidst the gorgeous nature. Nature lovers will never find it boring as they will be wondered by many spectacular landscapes. Crowd-free site has copious potentials to be explored. So if you are among fun-seeking adventurists and daring backpackers, you will absolutely enjoy your stopover. Wrapped in mysteries, the astonishing destination awaits picky sightseers and travelers from around the globe.

Made up of 2 tropical and cold districts, the province is one of the best sites in the country on Nowruz holidays. The delightful, cool weather from early march through early April, beckons interested tourists. The further you go from northeast to southwest, the more dramatic change you notice in weather temperature.

The lands here feature marvelous waterfalls with an awe-inspiring backdrop of lofty mountains. The high lands with hill moors, particularly in cold parts, are encircled by Zagros mountain ranges on north and east and some non-important mountains on its southeast, altogether sources of many springs and rivers. Outstanding rivers like Maroon flow through the province. Fields and meadows account for 1/5th of the whole province. They include agricultural lands as well.

On the slopes of the often-snowy peak of Dena, you will be amazed by lush oak forests; my must-do recommendation for nature lovers and photographers.

Besides, mountain climbers will fall in love with the place; with many mountaineering, skiing and hiking options throughout the province it is always a spotlight for tourists who long for a different journey in a non-packed land.

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