Kish’s Birds Park

September 13, 2018

With an area of some 3 hectares, the gorgeous, lively garden opened to public as of 2002 and has developed into an amusing place in the popular Kish Island. Home to 57 species of birds, the garden attracts tourists thanks to its scenic landscapes.

Birds like pelicans, ostriches, parrots, storks, geese, flamingoes,  cacatua albas, peacocks, macaws, grey parrots, pheasants and toucans are kept in an almost unmatched natural collection of birds. What is interesting about the park is  that here a variety of birds and some animals from Africa, Australia, South America, And East Asia come together to present part of the massive beauty of the planet in a small land.

In two parts, the birds in the first trail filled with dense trees and lawn are viewed in cages on which you can read comprehensive information about the birds’ habitats, and their food, as well as their main characteristics. The second section, in an area of almost 2 hectares, some amazing birds have open space to fly, making it really worth a visit.

Located in the dolphinarium complex, the garden also displays a unique selection of plant species such as eucalyptus, acacia, marshmallows, Laura trees, Benjamins, palm trees, and 25 species of cactuses, adaptable to the climatic conditions of the fairly hot southern island, in the impressive Persian Gulf.

Here you can hit two birds with one stone; purchase the ticket to the dolphinarium and enjoy your memorable visit to the birds’ garden as well.

Dolphinarium is also a must-see spot; which is whole another story and will be addressed on my upcoming posts.

To show you around, you will travel by a train buss, first to the birds’ garden and then onto the dolphins’ land.


You are not allowed to carry your professional cameras to the park.

Open hours at the time of report include from 6 pm to 8 pm throughout the week.

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