August 11, 2019

Kholeno ( also spelled Koleh-no) is one of the most beautiful yet impassible mountains of Alborz ranges.  Towering at 4,380 m, it is climbed by adventurers and indefatigable hikers.

Located in the capital city, it extends to Shemshak in South, to Varangarood River in north, Dasht-e Lar in east and Karaj Valley in west.

The highest after Damavand ( in central Alborz), it is a source for rivers like Varangarood and Karaj Dam Lake. Among the most popular summits in Iran, it is loved by Tehranis and all wayfarers.

While featuring countless photogenic landscapes,  it is distinct from other peaks in Iran; about 2,100 m should be climbed vertically which sounds daunting to amateur travelers.

If you travel from Tehran, go to Fasham and straight to lovely Lalan Village. The marvelous Lalan gorge is the starting point. Climbers will have to cross the rivers in a couple of places, so refreshing for mount explorers.

Throughout your rewarding struggle, you will be amazed by the untouched beauty of surrounding nature and have your adrenalin running so wild. The rocks sticking out have created an eye-catching view.

From the start up to the height of 3,600 m, you will come across crystal-clear springs and waterfalls. Talkhab, rushing out of the mountain, characterizes fascinating scenery on a red-hued bed of the river. Don’t drink bitter-taste gassy waters. Khoshchal pond and  Varangrood Valley are other beautiful highlights.

Atop the mountain, you will get a worthwhile panoramic view of peaks of the central Alborz from Damavand and Alamkuh to Tochal and Azadkuh.

To reach the top, there is a 14-km path. It’s the same for the way back.

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